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Note: If you need a coaching session to guide you through the e-day detox, please book the 20-minute juicing detox coaching session with Sprouts Centre HERE. A consultant will go through the procedures with you.


This bundle consists of :

2x Litre of organic carrot

2X litres of organic carrot+beets+cucumber


Organic Cold-pressed juice is suitable to be taken daily as supplementation, or during a detoxification.


Our juice producer is carefully selected to meet our highest requirements that preserve the juice properties, which enable the most effective cleansing result different from other convenient juicers. Our recipes are carefully selected by a nutrition consultant & clinically proven.

Organic & Pure: We use fresh and raw organic ingredients in most recipes when available locally, such as carrots & spinach. All juices are 100% pressed without added water.
Hygienic: All ingredients are washed with SFA-approved ozone water, which is fast and effective in removal pesticides, herbicides, parasites and other impurities without losing the nutrients caused by excessive washing.

Cold-pressed: The juice is gently produced using a special juice press and twin gear juicers, which avoid friction heat or undue amounts of aeration that may damage the nutrients, results in a more thorough extraction, richer and fuller juice and less wastage.


Freshness: All juices are prepared on the same day of delivery and bottled in air-tight GLASS bottles. It is recommended that you consume all juices according to the regimen.

More is not better: You might not know that having many ingredients in one recipe is unnecessary. However, the suitability of ingredients, safety, and effectiveness is key in the juice therapy.  


Organic Cold Pressed Juice (4-litres)

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