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The only vertical pendant in the world that harmonizes our subtle organizing energy fields creating an antenna from the most powerful energy in the Universe


• Only Vertical Powerful energetic field in the world

• Harmonize and equalize energy within the body

• Ignites and fuels our own inner divinity

• Protects from electro-magnetic energy

• Virtually indestructible

• Suitable for all age, included children


As 5G coverages increase, it is theorized that the human energy system exposed to 5G could start losing its resonance to humanity's tuning fork.


The Mini-V was designed to help maintain a deeper vertical connection strengthening the resonance between the human system and the Schumann Resonance


Wearing a Mini-V invites and supports a subtle shift as your system slowly integrates with the natural vertical invitation of the Mini-V's vertical flow. It is important that you give the Mini-V time to integrate within your system. As your system begins to harmonize, resonates and equalize, you may experience times of joy for no reason. Subtle, yes. After a while you may begin to notice a new or deeper sense of well-being. For many an attunement to who they are begins or deepens as they sense their power of being. For others, it is first noticed by the comments and reactions of friends and loved ones, as they notice something is different. However you experience it, please do share. It is a tool that ignites and fuels your own inner divinity, and keeps you connected to the essence of the planet. It is a powerful tool used to live in the world of 5G.


***Free Chain included with each Mini-V. Chains are not Tachyonized. Chain style may differ from that shown, based on current stock. There is no way to request a "free chanin" design change.


TACHYONMINI-V 包含这个非常强大的能量领域的吊坠需要多年的研究和测试。它是世界上唯一的垂直吊 坠,协调我们微妙的组织能源领域,从宇宙中最强大的能量创造天线。能量来自一个装 在中空的钢管中的晶体。佩戴时,您的能量系统是平衡和谐的,可以保护您免受电磁能 的影响。穿着它时,您将在整个系统中体验更加平衡和健康的能量流动.


完美切割的水晶被包裹在抛光的钢质容器中。水晶在磨损时整合了脉轮,并产生一种幸 福感和和谐感,让您放松自然的垂直流动。


适合各种年龄的迷你 V型吊坠,包括儿童。那些穿着吊坠的人声称他们正在经历惊人的 结果。


为自己尝试一下。让它们成为给你亲人的礼物。每个吊坠都有一个钢棒,已经钻出来保 持 12MM垂直水晶。 “垂直”一词印在高度抛光的钢管上。每个都配有可以玩的装饰旋转 套筒。 MINI-V配有天鹅绒 TACHYON标志包。

Tachyon Mini-V Pendant

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