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Product Quality is our priority!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that even meet the international requirements for health practitioners. The products are designed and carefully evaluated by experienced clinical health experts to ensure the best therapeutic performance, enable healing of target conditions and are extremely safe and effective. The usage of these products is supported by international holistic health practitioners. All the products are undergone routine review to ensure that they meet the requirements of local and international health product regulations. Therefore, all our practitioners and clients can use these products with ease of mind!

We have a wide range of products including superfood, nutrition supplement, herbs, topical application and household essentials. 

Most importantly, we educate our customers on the correct usage of each product. 

Established since 2014, we currently have our consultant-operated retail at 716 Geylang Road, Singapore 389629, which is nested within Sprouts Holistic Heatlh Centre and below the International College of Holistic Health. This premise also provides room and device rental and cooking studio facilities for our practitioners and students of the college.

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