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  • Gentle, natural, and safe bladder support
  • Fast help for urinary tract or bladder health problems
  • For women, children, or men
  • Ideal in low amounts, taken daily as ongoing support


NutriVital D-Mannose has been designed to support urinary tract, bladder, and kidney health.

NutriVital D-Mannose will be of particular interest to anybody experiencing discomfort when urinating: it’s 100% natural, safe, and non-toxic and it gives immediate bladder support. It can also be used in lower daily amounts on an ongoing basis to help maintain normal bladder and urinary tract health.

NutriVital D-Mannose is a natural sugar related to glucosamine. It attaches to bacteria, stopping the bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall or lining of the urinary tract, which in turn helps good health.

In our clinical experience, many people have been able to avoid turning to antibiotics for help. We recommend that anyone who regularly experiences discomfort when urinating, to keep some NutriVital D-Mannose in their medicine cabinet.


  • D-Mannose

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