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  • A synergistic blend of HCL, vitamin B6, minerals and plant-derived protease
  • Supports digestion and absorption
  • Supports the body’s own production of HCL
  • Optimises absorption of minerals and vitamin B12
  • Helps maintain correct pH of the digestive system
  • Provides inhibitory environment for harmful bacteria ingested with food


More than 80% of the population have digestive problems. Many of these cases centre around a lack of digestive enzymes and low levels of HCL (stomach acid).


HCL and Protease begins the digestive process, activating the denaturing of proteins before pancreatic enzymes take over. As well as being essential to proper digestion, HCL maintains an acidic environment in the stomach, defending against harmful pathogenic bacteria.


HCL naturally declines as we age but its production can also be disrupted by stress, infection, and nutrient deficiencies.


HCL production requires mineral salts. However, mineral absorption relies on adequate levels of HCL. Supplementation of HCL can assist the body to naturally produce more HCL itself. NutriVital has included colloidal minerals to support the body’s own HCL production, as well as plant-derived protease for optimum digestion of proteins.

NutriVital HCL and Protease

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Per Daily Intake:

    Betaine Hydrochloride350mg

    Vegetable Protease (140cpu/g)100mgI

    onic Minerals20mg

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