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  • Contains 77 trace minerals essential for good health
  • Supports heart and brain function
  • Supports bone mineralisation, healthy skin, and fluid balance
  • In a convenient vegetable capsule format


NutriVital Trace Minerals contains 77 minerals essential to life. Our bodies are constantly reliant on minerals to generate the billions of tiny electrical impulses, which send information from the nervous system telling our muscles to move, our heart to beat, and our brain to function. Because of a number of environmental and lifestyle factors, our diets do not always provide us with the optimal balance of minerals. Supplementation is a practical way to ensure you get the optimal range and quantity of trace minerals.


Trace minerals control movement of fluids across cell membranes. This is not only important for bringing nutrients into the cell but also supports the lymph in removing toxins from the body. Trace minerals also protect against the effects of toxic metals.


Many vital body processes depend on the movement of mineral ions across cell membranes. Recent research indicates that minerals may play a significant role in protecting against a variety of degenerative diseases. Nutrivital Trace Minerals are 100% soluble in water and have a strong conducting value.

NutriVital Trace Minerals 30

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  • A wide range of natural organic trace minerals at naturally occuring levels(.)

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